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The ultimate guide to selecting the best beard oil

  • Skin Compatibility  - This may be the most important factor, but also the one that is most overlooked by many beard oil makers (as well as the consumer). The oils that are selected when formulating beard oils MUST be noncomedogenic (not pore clogging), soothing and beneficial to the skin on the face. The comedogenic rating scale for oils is 0-5, with 5 being highly likely to cause breakouts or other skin issues. There are several beard oils on the market containing potentially pore clogging oils with comedogenic ratings that are too high for use on the face.  MANish BEARD OIL is crafted with noncomedogenic oils that have face friendly ratings of 0-2. The oils with these ratings have been scientifically proven safe and highly beneficial for all skin types to use on the face. 

  • Moisturize | Soften - We've asked many men to tell us about their beard, and we consistently heard things like: "it feels dry", "it's wispy", "it feels rough", "my girl says it's scratchy". This may sound familiar to some men and women, that might have tried multiple products or none at all. The oil selection is critical in this category as well, because the wrong oils can actually dry out the hair making the situation worse. Our handpicked oils work in harmony to penetrate deep in to the root to provide long lasting moisture.

  • Shine - When hair has a lasting shine it typically means that it's healthy. MANish BEARD OIL is formulated to leave the beard with a natural sheen that is not greasy. There are some oils that give the illusion of a healthy shine, but in reality the hair is just greasy. The key to achieving the proper balance is to use quality oils that are absorbed by the skin effectively without leaving a greasy residue.

  • Beardruff | Itch Control - A chief complaint when it comes to hair is the itch that happens with new growth and dandruff, or in this case "beardruff". Dryness causes beardruff, so addressing this issue with adequate moisture is essential (we discussed moisture in detail above, so we'll spare you the repetition).  A beard oil must control itch and breadruff in order to be effective, and our unique formulation makes this aggravating issue a thing of the past.

  • Growth - How many times have you seen a man with a patchy beard, or a partially connected mustache/goatee situation? This is a sign that the beard oil being used is not helping to grow the hair, or maybe they are not using an oil at all. The ingredients in the beard oil must stimulate hair growth, and this is a top reason for use, Our beard oil is crafted to stimulate growth in all hair types, and for those with textured, curly or coarse beards it also conditions the follicle to combat ingrown hairs during growth.

  • Fragrance - Last but certainly not least is fragrance. There are too many beard oils that contain what is listed on the label as "fragrance", "natural blend", "natural fragrance" etc. There is no way to know exactly what is in it and there are so many harmful additives or preservatives out there. We use only the safest and most beneficial therapeutic grade essential oils to naturally provide lasting scents. MANish BEARD OIL is 100% Natural, Organic and Vegan with no parabens, additives or artificial ingredients. 




Wood Grain 2

Abyssinian Oil is truly a hidden treasure, It improves hair in shine, manageability and moisture. It has also been proven in studies to outperform the popular Argan in the area of strengthening hair and preventing breakage. Abyssinian is a great oil for detangling hair, which makes it ideal for curly or coarse beards. This oil native to Ethiopia is packed with vitamin E and is noncomedogenic, which also makes it great for skin.


This majestic oil was used by royalty in ancient Egypt for medicinal, skin and hair care purposes.  Black Seed Oil is hands down one of the best oils for hair growth. It works by conditioning the follicles and stimulating the roots. It is essential in preventing ingrown hairs due to it's ability to penetrate the root. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive or acne prone.

Jojoba Oil is actually a wax ester, contrary to it's name. It's claim to fame is that it closely resembles the oil (sebum) that's naturally occurring in our skin, and for that reason it is one of the best oils to use. Jojoba is great for balancing oil production, therefore controlling skin dryness and beardruff. This oil helps to retain moisture for skin and hair. 


Kiwis are great to eat, not only because they taste incredible, but the high Vitamin C content makes them a healthy option. The Vitamin C is what also makes Kiwi Seed Oil fantastic for skin. This rare oil is miraculous for sealing moisture in hair and mending split ends. It brings life back to dry, brittle hair by  giving it softness and manageability.